Welcome everyone. This is the new look “Highbeech Residents Association”, a website based Committee of five members. Since we no longer have Chalet Park owners meetings we have set up this simple website so that all residents can continue to air their views, opinions or ideas online and discuss issues concerning the Park. Anyone who does not have access to the internet might ask a relative or friend to login and share it, or go to the Battle Road Library and login on their computers. Just type in the search box, www.highbeech.co.uk   If anyone does not have internet access we recommend they get a good S/H Chromebook laptop, a simple but very fast machine found on, for instance, eBay.uk for less than £100.


In recent times there has been inexplicable demands for substantial increases in Service Charges on the Park  while none of Mr K. Palmer’s (park manager ) plans have been discussed and voted on. It is time to enforce  “British Chalet Park Law” which states, for instance. There must be at least one meeting per year between the Park manager and the Chalet owners to discuss issues, ideas or plans. These must be examined and decided on by democratic votes before any action is taken. Residents must be provided with detailed statements of money received from each Chalet and money paid out to whom and for what. This, or any other very expensive paperwork could be published on the website to replace antiquated time consuming office practices and postage that costs a fortune. A Residents Association must by Law be acknowledged and respected by the Park manager. There must be accountability, for instance, before any Service Charge increases are agreed to, everyone can demand a break down from the manager to satisfy themselves it is jusified.  Mr. K. Palmer is not accountable and his devious  secretive style of management suggests gross criminal extortion to be investigated and brought to Justice. In fact, at this time we have no management at all. The Carlton people have walked out on Palmer and taken the grass cutters, Ryefields with them. We have no one to contact in case of any problems on the Park like the frequent burst water pipes. Even his Accountants, Honey Barrett have deserted him. It is high time Palmer was told by the Chalet owners his services are no  longer required, he’s Fired. Whether it is gross incompetence or criminal extortion or both remains to be seen but he has the situation on this Park in an atrocious state of affairs. It will take the cooperation of all residents to do their bit and kick the running of this site back into shape. Palmer’s only interest over the past year or so seems to be to threaten the retired ageing residents with legal action if they do not pay his diabolical demands for £2,000 per year Service Charge per Chalet, hiked up from the perfectly adequate £300 per year, this is just plain extortion. If you have been fool enough to pay these ripoff charges you had better start demanding a refund from Palmer.  Ripping off ageing retired people is despicable, beneath contempt behaviour that must be stopped. We need a vote on this but we suggest no one pays any Service Charges to Palmer this April. We need to set about running this Park site ourselves.

First  we need to find someone to take responsibility to do the work of a Professional Groundsman like John Petrie. He put in one good full days work a week, the lawns were kept to a very high standard and he did other important jobs such as clearing drainage. Then he would also do much private work for residents all in one days work a week for one man. Recently we had Ryefields  non professional  grass cutters that charge many thousands more than John did and they refuse to do anymore private work.  An Atrocious Service. They arrive at 8 am and are gone by 10 am. two hours work per week. Then we had the suspicious Knot Weed spraying on land that is not owned by the Park or Palmer. It is owned by Hastings Council or Seaschange Ltd. The spraying with Glysophate   or whatever should not have been done at all. Nor is there any legal reason to treat it, check it out at the Royal Horticultural Society, RHS website. Then Palmer charges residents  £8,000 for this work which may have cost him less than £600. This unnecessary work suggests another big ripoff that needs to be investigated. Knot Weed has very long and strong roots which means they must support the banking near Chalet 49 which supports the road. If the roots are destroyed and the banking collapses Palmer may be planning to make a vast profit out of Residents for road repairs. If this is the case he must be ordered to pay the cost of replanting some strong deep rooted vegetation that will replace the banking / road support.

Another serious problem we have is the criminal stitch up Covenant all residents have to sign at the time they are moving home and up to their eyeballs in work. We sign without understanding  what it is we are being trapped into. It is not the time to sit round for hours trying to comprehend the implications of page after page of incomprehensible legal jargon that can be twisted and bent in unscrupulous ways. Palmer seems to believe this ludicrous Law allows him to charge residents , as on his last “Estimated Budget Summary Report”, £10,000 in legal fees to defend himself against a female resident who is trying to bring him to Justice. WE have to pay his legal costs to allow him to legally steal our money, British Law is twisted beyond belief. This woman is said to have spent £40,000.00 of her own money on legal fees,  a monumental sum which is insane. When Palmer failed to attend the hearing with some lame excuse she should have put her foot down and told the Judge, I am not spending any more of my money,  I want a decision here and now with or without Palmer. But no, the Judge allows Palmer to play the same game, not turning up to hearings year after year while she continues to throw money down the drain of unjust Law.  If this story is true this Judge is an absolute disgrace to the British Legal system. We must have his Name and contact details and demand he write a report and explanation as to why he allowed this Travesty of Justice to continue for so long. We will demand this women be refunded all the legal fee payments she has spent on this case. If a Covenant is needed Residents will have to compose one in plain English that anyone can understand, this must be a Covenant that cannot be twisted and corrupted for profit. Palmer has also charged us another £20,000.00 in legal fees to recover Service Charge arrears from people  who refuse to pay his massive extortionate unjustified S/C increases that he intimidates old people with. For his non existent management services he has charged us £21,600,00. For two UNprofessional grass cutters to work two hours per week in summer he has charged us £12,960.00. What do they earn, £400 per HOUR. £8,000.00 for Knot Weed spraying, (not needed). £6,000.00 for major works and general repairs, (what works, details please) The running of the Park needs to be taken on by Residents who will be paid the commercial hourly rates for the work. The Chalet Park owners meetings we’ve had in the past few years have been a lot of wind bag waffle that results in absolutely no action, no change, no improvements. It suggests the meetings are devil games orchestrated by Palmer and his pals  to maintain the Status Quo, no change to the extortion racket to make himself and his pals on the Park wealthy from the Service Charges we pay. These meetings are not worth attending unless there are positive proposals to put problems right. These must be voted on and decisions made as to who is going to be responsible for taking the action needed to bring about the changes.

We have very little time left to find a good professional groundsman for the summer, someone who will do an excellent job the way John did. We think we have found just the people. We asked  Jims Gardening, who are just round the corner in St. Leonards for a quote to cut the lawns with a rider mower and strim the edges tor seven months and it works out at, £180 for two cuts per month, or £1,260 for the season. Now that is a massive saving on Palmer and Ryefields extortionate groundsmen charges of about £13,000 last year. And then they refused to do the private work of cutting small lawns, hedges etc. for chalet owners.  Grass cutters are of no use to us what so ever.  Jim has agreed to do the work the way John Petrie did it, Chalet owners agree a price with him to do what they need done.

We need an immediate vote on accepting this quote from Jims Gardening, it needs to begin now. We have just improved this website using WordPress power which gives us more options like a larger Comments box and a counted, thumbs up or down voting system.

Managing Highbeech Chalet Park from our Website will make it fair for everyone and make for substantially cheaper S. Charges. We do not need a Committee and Treasurer who are probably paid by Palmer to play the Devils Advocate or something that will bring no significant changes for the better.  All Residents will be the Committee writing their Comments and Votes on the website. No more people running round the park delivering very expensive printed news letters. We plan on making massive savings on office work, paperwork and postage. Nor do we need an Accountant, that would be another Big Saving. We expect to easily reduce the yearly Service Charge bill to £200, that would be £100 in April and in September, not Palmer’s ridiculous demands for £2,000 per year and nothing good to show for it.  If we continued to pay what it was a while ago, £300 per year we could start talking about building a meeting room, club house, dance hall or whatever.

15 / 3 / 2018

This Park has another serious problem that must be investigated, the frequent burst pipes in the virtually new water installation. This is supposed to last 50 years or more with no problems so something is seriously wrong. A reputable company doing this work should give at least a 10 year guarantee and a certificate to say the install has been done to the highest standards of work, materials and fittings set by WRAS, Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. These frequent bursts suggest just the opposite, is it a deliberate sabotage job with rubber seals or pipe inserts missing or screw fittings left loose? We need some resident volunteers to dig a hole with spades so we can get to the bottom of this problem. Then we might ask a Southern Water or WRAS Inspector to determine the cause of the leaks. On the YouTube video channel  you can study how to assemble approved water fittings like John Guest push fits or Philmac  screw fittings, just search for instance, –  MDPE mains water pipe at plumberparts.co.uk

If Palmer and the installation fella planned on charging residents a fortune to fix burst pipes it has to stop and they must pay the cost of  bringing the water supply up to the highest regulation standards that residents paid a great deal  of money for. We could get a local leak repair company to do the work, they would probably charge £200 or 300 for 2 fellas to dig a hole with spades and fix it. Palmer and his water man  might charge residents £1,000 for this. You may well ask how is Palmer going to pay for his crimes. We might get a ruling for a Compulsory Purchase Order on the Park land he owns and transfer it as 100 shares to Chalet park owners which would considerably increase the value of the properties. If word gets round that Highbeech is a den of extortion these Chalets will not be worth much and if the Committee meetings of the past few years are anything to go by they result in false promises that change nothing.This Park now is an incompetent shambles, there is no management . Residents have to take responsibility to run it.

We suggest Highbeech has to be run by a Committee of 100 Chalet Park owners. We have to be aware of the pitfalls or traps of a small Committee who might be playing the Devils Political trick of appearing to oppose someone like Palmer when in reality they are working together. They then divide the money they steal by their extortion rackets between themselves. Another pitfall trap is to have a Park Treasurer holding a large sum of money paid by residents. There is an example of this. The story goes that well over £100,000 vanished from the Treasurers Highbeech account into Palmer’s account, money stolen from the residents.

We suggest we keep just enough money in our Highbeech account to pay the monthly bills and if we continue paying £300 per year Service Charge the excess could be used to buy Gold and store it in a Bankers Safe Deposit Box for major  repair works, Legal fees or some development project on the Park. If the Key is kept by a Solicitor and only released to  a group of residents after a vote it might be the answer to this problem. Or do we keep things simple? Service Charge payments are set to cover basic expenses and pay monthly bills with  separate payments for other costs as and when needed.

If you would like us to manage the Chalet Park from our Website according to the majority votes of residents please vote for it in the Comments section, we have opened a separate Highbeech Bank account from which we plan to download the monthly statement and upload it to this Website Account page so that everyone can see how much money each Chalet has paid in Service Charges, and how much we have paid out, to whom and for what.

It would be very simple for people to pay their Service Charge if they open an account with PayPal, payments can be made with one click of the button in less than a second but please make sure you identify your name and Chalet number in the message box. There is a charge of 3.5 % to process payments, that’s £3.50 for £100  If you prefer to pay by the old trusted cheque please make it payable to AR Sealy, write your Chalet number on the back and post to :
Tony Sealy,  45 Highbeech Chalet Park,  St. Leonards on Sea,  TN37 7BS


Problems on the Park.

The Committee of 100 Chalet owners will have to act as Law Court on the Park and decide what fines to impose on, for instance pet owners seen not clearing up shit after their dogs,or people parking in the private parking spot of someone else.

The Committee of 100 will also have to ensure this meeting on the 15/4/18 gets down to brass tacks to discuss and vote on the major issues facing the Park. Anyone can put forward their proposals,ideas or solutions. Do not allow the meeting to get sidetracked onto irrelevant waffling nonsense.


The grass has started growing strongly now, we badly need residents comments and decisions on what to do about getting a Groundsman. If you accept the quote from Jims Gardening please click the thumbs up voting button of the first comment in the Comments section.

But first we have to have funds to pay the bills. we have decided to put PayPal on the back burner for the time being, it is difficult to find people that have a good word to say about them,they are greedy, they have no respect for their customers, they ride rough shod over them and such like.
So, lets stick to tried and trusted cheques. If people pay by cheque we need a method to identify the Chalet the payment is from so that when we upload the monthly Bank statement on the site everyone can see which Chalets have paid the Service charge as well as what we have spent during the month.
To identify your Chalet please add your number in pennies to the £100, six month charge. For instance,if your Chalet number were 45, write on the cheque, One hundred pounds and 45p. £100.45
If you want to support our proposals and plan please click the thumbs up button on the second comment in the Comments section.

At a later date we will also ask for the email address of everyone. Its a Mugs Game running round the Park delivering expensive printed notes and letters. Do everything OnLine and cut costs to the bone.
If there is anyone without Internet access, go to the Battle Rd. Library and login to read the latest news from Highbeech.co.uk Then ask the librarian to show you how to print a copy to take home with you.


Well, the lawns are growing rapidly and looking pretty as a picture with lots of wild flowers,its ideal grazing land for goats maybe to give us a good supply of nutritious organic milk. Or, this fertile soil, uncontaminated with industrial farming chemicals could become organic allotment gardens for lush, tasty, juicy, nutritious organic fruit and vegetables. Palmer could rent out allotments on his land and start earning an honest income.


Reference the Committee meetings
We would like to point out the web site Committee, highbeech.co.uk is not associated with the Committee that organised the meeting on Sunday 15th April.We have had many of these meetings in the past and they are all talk, they fail to come to any solutions for the Parks major problems. The most urgent problem being cutting the lawns which is long overdue.
We suggest another meeting in the Visitors car park be arranged for all residents to contribute £5.00
towards a fund to pay Jim’s gardening to start cutting the lawns. This should amount to at least £360. This could be divided between four Chalet owners, £90 each, who would be responsible for paying Jim each time he cuts the lawns. We would have to make this £5.00 collection twice more before October so it would cost each Chalet £15 lawn cutting charges for the year.
We also suggest everyone write or email Kim Palmer and tell him his charges of £ 13.000 per year for a Groundsman are criminal theft. Jim is charging £1.260 per year so we would not expect his charges to be more than £2.000. He leaves us no choice but to organise the work ourselves. The British Legal system will say, You are a thief Kim Palmer, you do not have a legal leg to stand on. You are using the Laws of Satan.
Another pressing problem that needs residents comments on is what sort of deep and shallow rooted vegetation should be planted to replace the knot weed. We need strong roots to secure the banking and prevent road collapse which would mean very expensive repairs.


Legal Principles

This Park has to be seen to be fairly managed according to honourable Law
The Park manager must be held responsible for the Service charges
Residents are entitled to a detailed breakdown of all costs before payments are made.
Any plans of Mr Palmer or the Park Manager must be discussed with all residents and voted on before any action is taken
All decisions are decided on by Democratic votes.
All Residents are encouraged to make suggestions on any issues or developments on the Park.
If any quotes for work seem unreasonable any Resident can pursue an alternative quote. All charges must be seen to be reasonable.
If Chalet Park owners do not start taking responsibility for the efficient running of the Park it will become a shambolic mess with Chalets not being of much value on the property market.
Since Mr Palmer owns the road, pathways and some lawn it makes for a difficult situation that needs to be resolved and an agreement reached.
If residents are responsible for the cost of road and path repairs with no expenditure on his part at all we propose chalet owners offer Palmer £50 each or about £5,000 per year for the use of these facilities, or £100 each per year if we get an agreement from Mr Palmer to put the water installation under the management of Southern Water who will be in complete charge of repairs and setting the correct pressures. This constant stream of burst pipes has to be resolved. This water installation should have lasted at least 50 years without any faults whatsoever. Now a vast amount of SW’s expensive precious drinking water is going to waste.
The Park looks like its left to grow wild. To get the lawns cut for the summer we need all Chalet owners to send us a cheque with your number on it to Chalet 45 for £25.00. If we do not receive at least 60 cheques we will not cash them and proceed no further.


For the efficient management of the Park it is important that each Chalet owner have access to the NET. We can get you OnLine with a new 10 inch Phablet Tablet for £80 which includes a one month £10 SIM card connection for Phone and Internet. For details contact Chalet 45. Please pass this message on to any neighbour without a computer.


Mr Palmer,
The letter you sent everyone on the 18/6/2018 is the most atrocious wording we could imagine, it is not going to win anyone over. We wasted our time writing, printing and delivering our note concerning your deal to 90 odd chalet owners, (some are derelict or locked up)
Your wording implies you want £50,000 from each chalet for the purchase, that would be a ridiculous £5,000,000 when you probably paid £10,000 for your stake. As soon as people read this type of slimy devious legalised jargon they will say, You cannot be serious, you must be having a laugh mate and sling it in the bin. We suggest you keep the wording simple and to the point, avoid all slimy devious legal jargon that makes people think, I can’t trust this guy,he has no sense of Justice,this leads to a Rip Off Avarice culture.
Keep it short and sweet, you might say as you said to me, I, Kim Palmer propose to sell the land I own at High Beech Chalet Park to the Chalet owners for the sum of £50,000, this equates to a payment of £500 from each of the 100 chalets for the ownership Deeds to the land I own on the Park.If this sale were successful I would have no further claim to any income from the Park or Chalet owners. Residents should appoint a Solicitor to receive their payments until the day of exchange, £50,000 for the Deeds as in normal house sales.The Deeds might be held by the solicitor and the value divided into 100 Deed Shares.
Residents also need you to declare any legal fees or other charges you intend to impose on top of the £500. And that should about do it. Regards, Tony Sealy.


To: Mr K.Palmer,
There is another note being sent round concerning an offer from High Beech Chalet Park Management Limited to buy the common areas from you. We looked this up at Companies House and the directors are two of the Residents. We fear it will be a monster rip off racket if Residents do not demand details of how they plan to manage the Park and what their charges are going to be. We have the right to see receipts for all payments, without proof it all adds up to a big money making scam. These massive £30.000 legal costs we get charged for need proof. Call out Cases that drag on for years with no results except mounting costs
Another major problem is the Park’s water installation that is constantly failing and bursting for which residents get charged about £1,000 to fix a leak.If the work was carried out by a reputable firm to WRAS regulation standards it should be trouble free for at least 50 years and we should have at least a ten year guarantee and a certificate to satisfy the customer.These constant failures suggest the fittings may be 50 year old obsolete, 10p a piece things that would not last five minutes.To fix a leak properly so that it lasts 50 years should cost about £100. A labourer for 3 or 4 hours at £10 per hour to dig an access hole,then get the correct WRAS approved fitting that should be in stock at the local merchant for £20 and finally get a WRAS approved local Plumber to fit it for £50. The BOTTOM LINE is, if we cannot have acceptable competent management and ownership of the Park common land it is time to get out of this place, Pronto.

We could take on the running of this Park for about £150 per year per Chalet, that is about half the cost of the Service Charge as it was 18 months ago, £300, before these massive inexplicable price hikes began. Now SC demands are £800 or more per year which is ludicrous. Residents are advised not to pay these demands, you are entitled to a detailed breakdown of costs to justify the charges. This is the LAW.
If we take over the management of the Park for £150 each per year, per chalet, that is £15,000 per year We would have to have the email address of everyone so that all messages can be sent cheaply OnLine from this website, highbeech.co.uk which would be run and modulated by us. No more expensive time consuming antiquated letters, paperwork, printing and postage. For this Service Charge we get a professional Groundsman to do all the work John Petrie did and bring the Park up to the excellent standard it was then as well as taking care of all the minor works round the Park. Any major works,for instance, repairs to the faulty water installation to bring it up to the WRAS regulation standards the Residents paid for would be by the collection of a separate fund, or paid for by those responsible for this faulty cowboy job for which a lot of money was paid. This applies to other major heavy costs like road repairs caused by killing the deep knot weed roots. We need to replant some native deep and shallow rooted plants and shrubs to stabilise the banking that supports the road.
This website management will restore Democracy, all residents are encouraged to submit any positive and constructive ideas in the comments section where they can be discussed and voted on. Committee meetings are a waste of time, they are all Talk and no Work,nothing useful gets done when this shambles of a Park needs positive action not talk. Website management will also restore transparency, we will upload monthly Bank statements to the website so that all can see exactly how much has been paid in Service Charges and from who as well as what has been paid out by us to who and for what. We will have accountability and put a stop to this underhand, secretive, devious, unaccountable practice that can steal your money with impunity. As it is now we get no Bank statements, no detailed breakdown of expenditure,this is ILLEGAL Refuse to pay any outrageous Service charge demands until details of expenditure are provided.
We would expect our expenditure to run the Park for the year to be £3.000 for a Professional Groundsman £2.000 to replant the banking that supports the road and £10.000 Management fee = £15.000
The final answer, as we have said, Residents need to take control and ownership of Mr Palmer’s common land for the sum of £500 per Chalet, £50.000

Don’t give up your Freedom, Fight for it.

GOOD LUCK from Tony, Chalet 45


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